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Great Smokies Medical Center (GSMC) provides comprehensive outpatient Integrative Medicine healthcare services. Integrative Medicine utilizes both mainstream and alternative healthcare options to address obstacles to health and to enhance the body’s innate ability to heal.

Nestled between the Great Smoky and Blue Ridge mountain ranges in Asheville, North Carolina, Great Smokies Medical Center was founded in 1979 and is the oldest continuously-operating Integrative Medical practice in North Carolina.

GSMC physicians strive to provide the type of medical care they would personally like to receive. They aim to keep the motivation with which they initially entered the field of medicine alive through structuring a practice that resonates with their healthcare philosophies, reducing the stress of delivering and receiving healthcare to the fullest extent possible, utilizing both the science and art of medical practice, researching novel treatment strategies and rediscovering useful but forgotten effective, low-risk treatments.

GSMC physicians recognize the value of 1) timeless, non-negotiable, common-sense lifestyle factors such as diet, hygiene, exercise, and sleep, 2) state-of-the-art advances in diagnostics and medical imaging, surgery when needed and the judicious use of pharmaceuticals and 3) advances in understanding and addressing the important roles that disruptions of subtle energy have in undermining wellness.

GSMC physicians aim to identify and understand symptoms, the body’s early expression of disorders in wellness that can precede organic disease. Armed with a belief that everything is caused by something, they strive to identify and address underlying causes of symptoms or disease when possible.

A GSMC Integrative Medicine evaluation often includes assessing patients for toxicity, a nearly certain contributor especially to chronic health challenges in the 21st century’s complex chemical environment. Other factors that may require evaluation include immune function, allergy and intolerance, heavy metal toxicity, digestion, hormone imbalances, low-grade infections, nutritional deficiencies and the roles that dental health problems have on overall health.

Integrative Medicine interventions may be stand-alone treatments or may work in concert with mainstream medical care. An Integrative Medicine perspective can be of value for people who have health problems for which they have not yet found safe and effective interventions.

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