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Jonathan C. Hall

Jonathan C. Hall Jonathan C. Hall, MD, ABFM

Dr. Hall received his medical degree from Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans. Board certified in family medicine, Dr. Hall also has an MS in Human Genetics. He is certified by ACAM in Chelation Therapy, and a graduate of both Bastyr University’s iCAM program and Chiang Mai’s Traditional Thai Medicine Practitioner’s Reflexology Training. Consistent with the general nature of family practice, his growing areas of special interest include botanicals, cardiovascular health, genetics, hormone, chelation, regenerative muscular/skeletal therapies, neural therapy, metabolomics, neurodegenerative diseases, detoxification, and orthomolecular medicine.

As a resident physician, he spent electives training at Great Smokies Medical Center. Immersed in Great Smokies’ integrative medicine philosophy, joining the practice after completing his residency was a natural progression.

Dr. Hall views optimizing daily lifestyle routines and habits as the foundation for health and healing and believes the best outcomes occur when patients are engaged in rediscovering and maintaining their health. When possible, identifying root causes of symptoms is important to avoid and prevent chronic diseases from developing. Healing is fostered by addressing the body’s terrain which allowed disease to root and flourish by implementing personalized treatment plans that are collaboratively customized for each unique person and situation.

Dr. Hall enjoys exploring the boundaries of science and technology to improve health and performance. He participates in and recognizes the value of the “N of 1” movement and can often be found trialing therapies first-hand before they go live at the clinic. He enjoys researching forgotten, effective, natural medical interventions, participating in a variety of sporting activities and continuing his search for the ultimate swimming hole.

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