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Cynthia J. Libert

Cynthia J. LibertCynthia J. Libert, MD, ABFM

Dr. Libert received her medical degree from Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine in Chicago. In 2005, she completed her residency training at Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) affiliated with UNC Chapel Hill at Mission Hospitals in Asheville, NC. She joined GSMC in 2016 with  more than 10 years of experience in family medicine. She is board certified in Family Medicine and is a diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. Her areas of special interest include the gut microbiome, brain health, cardiometabolic health, detoxification, hormone balancing, nutritional therapy and food as medicine.

Dr. Libert is one of few physicians internationally who are trained by Dale Bredesen, MD, Duke Medical School graduate and international expert in neurodegenerative diseases, who has extensively researched the numerous causes of Alzheimer’s disease for more than 30 years. His resulting therapeutic approach has been used successfully in several hundred patients to optimize brain function and prevent or reverse the symptoms of early Alzheimer’s disease.

Inspired by the work of Dr. Bredesen and certified in the ReCODE protocol with Dr. Bredesen, Dr. Libert now offers this unique and effective medical program to persons in Western North Carolina and the greater Southeastern U.S. who wish to prevent or reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. The program includes metabolic and genetic testing, diagnostic imaging, targeted supplementation, brain training, detoxification, and lifestyle interventions designed to optimize brain function, reverse mild memory loss, reverse the symptoms of early Alzheimer’s disease and reduce the risk of developing dementia. The GSMC Healthy Brain Rx program integrates well with Dr. Libert’s clinical skills and expertise in systems biology, medical herbalism, bio-identical hormone replacement, and nutrigenomics. 

In her spare time, Dr. Libert enjoys hiking, cooking, and spending time in nature, especially in the Appalachian mountains. She resides in the Asheville area with her husband and three daughters.

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