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New Advances in Preventing and Treating Memory Loss and Alzheimer’s Disease

Thank you for your interest in the GSMC Healthy Brain Rx program. It goes without saying that brain function is vital to living a productive and fulfilling life. You may be looking for information for a loved one who is showing some memory loss or who has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, or you may have a family history of Alzheimer’s disease or concerns about your own memory loss and want to protect your memory and brain function. The GSMC Healthy Brain Rx program was created with you in mind. This comprehensive medical program involves metabolic and genetic testing, diagnostic imaging, targeted supplementation, brain training, detoxification, and intensive lifestyle interventions designed to optimize brain function, reverse mild memory loss, reverse the symptoms of early Alzheimer’s disease and reduce the risk of developing dementia.

The GSMC Healthy Brain Rx program was inspired by the work of Dr. Dale Bredesen, world-renowned neurologist, molecular biologist and Alzheimer’s disease researcher. Following his graduation from Duke Medical School and residency and fellowship at UC-San Francisco, he was puzzled by the fact that Alzheimer’s disease, unlike all other major diseases, had no successful therapy whatsoever. He decided to research why this was the case. After thirty years of research, Dr. Bredesen, now an international expert in Alzheimer’s disease, published the first ever scientific study to identify the causes of Alzheimer’s disease and objectively show that memory loss can be reversed, and improvement sustained, using a therapeutic personalized program that involves comprehensive changes in diet, brain stimulation, exercise, optimization of sleep, specific nutraceuticals, and multiple additional steps that affect brain chemistry. You can learn more about the science by viewing the video and reading the articles below.

If you are interested in applying to become a patient of the GSMC Healthy Brain Rx Program, please contact us by calling the office at (828) 252-9833. We look forward to helping you accomplish your brain health goals.

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