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Breast Thermography

Instructions for Breast Thermogram

Welcome to Great Smokies Medical Center and Breast Thermography for breast cancer screening. Thank you for not wearing fragrances on the day of your appointment.

If you have not completed your Breast Thermography intake form online prior to your appointment, please arrive 20 minutes early to allow time to complete the form. Allow for up to 45 minutes in the Medical Center for completion of your Breast Thermograpy imaging. GSMC staff will review and complete your online intake questionnaire. Breast Thermography is not covered by Medicare or private health insurance. We request payment in full on the day of service. You will be notified of your thermogram results by mail, usually within one week.

Please read and observe the following guidelines that address thermal influences to help assure the reliability of your Breast Thermography imaging. If you have any doubt it is better to cancel and reschedule to help assure optimal quality of your Breast Thermography imaging.

1. Wait at least 3 months after breast surgery or completion of chemotherapy or radiation prior to having a breast thermogram.

2. Avoid natural or artificial tanning for three days prior to having a thermogram. If sunburned, wait until the burn has fully healed.

3. Avoid saunas, steam baths, hot yoga, hot stone massage and hot or cold packs for at least 24 hours prior to having a thermogram.

4. Do not bathe, shower, or exercise for one hour prior to having thermographic imaging.

5. With your doctor’s permission, avoid taking Nitroglycerin, Niacin patch, and niacin doses of 500 mg or more, or any dose of niacin that causes flushing for the 12 hours prior to having a thermogram.

6. Avoid taking any migraine medications for 12 hours prior to your thermogram.

7. Refrain from using any tobacco products and consuming any caffeine including coffee, tea, soft drinks or over-the-counter products that contain caffeine including Anacin, Midol, Excedrin, NoDoz, Goody’s Powder, etc., for two hours prior to having a thermogram.

8. Call ThermaScan for directions if you are using a nicotine patch or gum. (248)-593-8700

9. Avoid using underarm deodorants or antiperspirants (recommended, not critical), or powders, creams, moisturizers, or lotions on your breasts, chest or underarms on the day of your Breast Thermography.

10. Avoid massage or compression of your breasts (including self-examination of your breasts, a clinical breast exam, a mammogram, or ultrasound of the breast) within three days prior to having Breast Thermography.

11. Reschedule your thermogram if you have had a fever higher than 102° F within 36 hours of your scheduled thermogram.

12. Schedule your thermogram after any bruising, abrasions, insect bites, rashes, injuries, inflamed cysts, or minor surgeries have healed.

13. Breast Thermography can be performed while a woman is lactating; however, the breasts should be emptied within one hour prior to having thermographic imaging.

14. Arrive 30 additional minutes early to acclimate to our office temperatures if you are exposed to excess heat or air conditioning in your car in winter or summer. Divert the flow of heat or air conditioning to the air in your car rather than directly at your body. The flow of heat or cold from a vehicle’s air ducts being directed to one side of the chest or the heat from the sun warming one side of the chest can create thermal artifact that interferes with optimal analysis of Breast Thermography.

15. Touching hot or cold beverage containers prior to your Breast Thermography imaging may cause thermal artifact in your Breast Thermogram. Please refrain from bringing in any beverages with you to the Medical Center on the date of your appointment.

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