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Dietary Sources of Egg and Egg By-Products

Some of the following foods will or will not contain egg depending on their proprietary formula, but are listed as a reminder to read labels on processed foods. As you read labels to check for egg in processed foods, be aware that the following words on a label indicate the presence of egg or egg by-products: albumin, globulin, vitellin, ovomucin, dried eggs. Many vaccines are cultured in chicken eggs and should be taken only on a physician’s advice if you are particularly sensitive to eggs.

Sources of Egg:

* Baked goods-read labels as some are egg free; beware of a shiny glaze on bread which is likely egg white; raisin or cream pies, cookies, pancakes, waffles, breads, cakes, doughnuts, fritters, pretzels, puddings, custards, French toast, muffins, dumplings
* Cake flours
* Bouillons
* Breaded foods
* Eggs-baked, scrambled, fried, poached, hard boiled, creamed
* Frostings and icings
* Hollandaise sauce
* Ice cream
* Malted cocoa drinks
* Many pasta products (egg free are available)
* Marshmallows
* Meringue
* Salad dressing
* Sausages
* Sherbets
* Soup
* Tartar sauce
* Bread crumbs
* Souffles
* Eggnog
* Ovaltine
* Gelatins
* Commercial baking powders
* Many protein dietary supplement powders contain egg protein fractions

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