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Employee Longevity

GSMC takes pride in having employees who have been with us for many years. Employee longevity helps us serve you, our patients, more efficiently. At the top of the list is Alice King, who has now been serving GSMC patients for over 15 years this month. The phrase "can’t do" is not in her vocabulary. Alice is generous and friendly and is a one-woman potluck. Congratulations, Alice, and thank you for your years of service! How does the track record of the rest of us stack up in comparison? Dr. Wilson and Connie each start their 13th year this month. Art has worked at GSMC for over 11 years and Rosalie for almost ten years. Dr. Wright and Vianne each recently started their seventh year and Denese, her sixth year. Rick will start his fourth year next month; Darlene, Dottie and Cynthia are in their second year; and Jamie is in her first year. Pat recently started her fourth year, but she is quick to tell you it is really her eleventh year as she also worked at GSMC from its inception in 1979 for 7 years. That’s over 85 years of experience working for you!

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