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“I love you with all my heart.” ” She broke my heart.” Such common expressions underscore the connections between interpersonal relationships and emotions with the heart. Positive emotions result in a warm, open heart and circulation, while negative emotions result in a cold, closed heart and circulation.

You don’t need to be stuck with negative feelings, as merely expressing yourself in matters of the heart has proven to be helpful. Twenty minutes of writing down feelings of hurt, grief, sadness and anger (regardless of how long you’ve had them) daily for three days in a row has been shown to shift the experience of these feelings. Be open and honest. This exercise is between you and your heart. Since you are not likely to be forthcoming if you fear someone else may read your innermost feelings, it is important to burn the paper on which your hurts are written. As your old hurts dissipate into thin air, thank them for their lessons and allow them to flow freely from your heart.

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