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One Super Mom

If you ever doubted the impact that one person can have, we want to tell you about a woman who is called “Mom” by one of our autistic patients. When her only son became autistic after receiving mercury-preserved vaccinations, an activist was born in the person of Amy Carson.

You may find Amy speaking in Washington, D. C., communicating with one of a growing number of concerned parents, involved in her son’s daily treatment, or politicking to ban mercury from future vaccines. When her friends wanted to give her a Christmas present, she asked for a public service billboard to raise the awareness of the role mercury plays in autism. She has even put her own much needed eye surgery on the back burner, choosing instead to fund her son’s treatment and educate others. Amy thinks and acts globally and locally. Amy is the first to say that behind every great Mom is a great Dad and supportive family and friends. You can contact Amy and meet two beautiful young boys who are changing the world for the better on her website:

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