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Scheduling Initial appointments, testing and treatments at GSMC can take a few hours. We will attempt to coordinate scheduling of testing and treatments in advance of your initial visit to the extent possible. Please complete and return new patient forms in time for the doctor to review them days before your first office visit. Send copies of recent lab test results including pathology and imaging reports and progress notes to GSMC in advance of your first appointment. Doing so helps your GSMC practitioner understand your health concerns and may be cost saving by avoiding duplication of tests. Do not send large volumes of medical records spanning years. Bring bottles (not just a list) of prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs and nutritional supplements that you currently take to your first doctor’s visit.

Fasting Lab Tests If you are asked to arrive fasting for lab tests, it is important to drink water (only) during your fast to help assure you are well hydrated; doing so will help your blood draw be successful. Bring a healthy snack to eat when your blood draw is completed.

Cell Phones We request that cell phones be turned off or put on airplane mode during doctor appointments. Be courteous, discreet and keep calls short if you use your cell phone in the clinic. Radio Frequency (RF) pollution in close indoor spaces has been associated with health problems including heart arrhythmias and various conditions of the brain and nervous system in susceptible individuals.

Fragrances/Smoking Because some of our staff and patients have unpleasant or even serious reactions to the chemicals in fragrances, we ask that you and those who accompany you on your visit to GSMC avoid using fragrances and products that contain them. GSMC is a smoke-free, tobacco-free facility.

Weather and Travel Considerations The mountains of Western North Carolina may have wintry weather that can result in the Medical Center closing on short notice. Call the Medical Center (828) 252-9833 in advance of your appointment if the possibility of inclement weather exists to assure the Center is open before traveling. Schedule changes will be announced on our answering machine by 7:00 AM.

Medical Record Retention Great Smokies Medical Center shreds medical records after 10 years of patient inactivity.

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