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Strontium/Bone Density

The element strontium has a significant effect on building bone, as reported by Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. in the newsletter Nutrition & Healing, February 2003. This was the case whether strontium was given with calcium, with hormones, or alone. A three-year randomized double-blind study of women with osteoporosis using 680 mg of strontium daily resulted in a 41 percent reduction in vertebral fracture risk, and an increase of 11.4 percent vertebrae density in the strontium group, compared with a 1.3 percent decrease in the placebo group.

Elemental strontium is safe – and different from radioactive strontium 90.

Take 1200 to 1500 mg of calcium per day while taking strontium, in addition to magnesium and other minerals known to support bone health. Ask your GSMC doctor if strontium might be a good addition to your healthcare.

GSMC carries Strontium Support that supplies 227 mg of strontium per capsule.

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