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The Signs and Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

The following symptoms are associated with hypothyroidism:

* Low body temperature
* Slow to waken in the morning
* Weight gain and difficulty losing weight
* Depressed mood
* Poor mental function
* Constipation
* Difficulty feeling warm, especially hands and feet
* Dry skin
* Orange discoloration of palms and soles
* Goiter
* Menstrual cycles irregularities
* Thinning or disappearance of outer third of eyebrows
* Edema (swelling) of face, tongue, ankles, and fingers
* Dry, lusterless, coarse, brittle hair
* Dry, brittle nails
* Migraines
* Hair loss
* Slow or absent reflexes on physical exam
* Personal history of high birth weight or family history of tuberculosis
* Hoarseness
* New onset of snoring
* Increased cholesterol levels

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