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What’s For Dinner?

What’s "right" to eat seems to change as quickly as the next diet book hits the bookstores. GSMC physicians use the following basic guidelines when determining what to eat. These recommendations are further individualized for specific medical conditions.

* The optimal diet is: vegetables, vegetables, vegetables, protein, and fat.
* Eat foods that can rot and eat them before they do. Eat fresh.
* Minimize sugar intake.
* Buy local free-ranging or organic, grass fed meats and eggs.
* Use butter, and cold pressed olive, nut, safflower, or sunflower oils.
* Drink at least two quarts of pure water daily between meals.
* Cook at home to control the quality of your diet.
* Avoid processed foods with chemical preservatives and additives, artificial colors and flavors, artificial sweeteners, sodas and designer drinks, excess caffeine, processed or damaged fats, fast food, deep fried foods, and known allergic foods.

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